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Join us and see what a few years at The College of Sonship International can do for you! We are truly excited to see you grow and learn with our present truth model and Christ-Centered ideology.  Learning from a truly relevant and uniquely designed educational model is a joy in such an advanced and sophisticated world and economy.  The College of Sonship ensures that our students continue to truly grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Being one with him is the most important factor of humanity as a whole.  Learning this firsthand will not only enhance and bless your life but fulfill the purpose of Sonship ultimately.  This purpose is to truly please him that is from above so that the most excellent glory shall resound with approval!

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With 1,500 locations around the globe now, there's always something we're doing at COS International. Our students now shall have access to request a consultation both virtual and literal.



Our graduates go on to careers in business, marketing, education and spirituality. 100 percent go directly into spiritual positions and projects after graduation;  98 percent go into business for themselves.  For our Philanthropist..

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Every student must strive to know Jesus Christ face to face.  The reason for this revolutionary program is to make this a possibility in humanity.  Our professors are trained to enlighten you..