Evangelism and Entrepreneurship are the two most important thrust's of this prophetical generation of sons!  Biblical Entrepreneurship can be seen in Acts chapter 18, with the business practices of The Apostle Paul, Aquilla and Priscilla his wife.  They were entrepreneurial tent makers by trade and did this during their apostolic ministries.  The College of Sonship's 30/30/30 Plan is one of a kind!  Utilizing the concept of "ergazomai" taught by Jesus himself and demonstrated by the apostles.  Developed from the beta-test and failure of modern day entrepreneurs makes this plan definitely before its time.  This failure strategy was to completely move the attrition rate of our entrepreneurial SES students and alumni.  Our research also studied the lives of successful modern day entrepreneurs to insure the right platform and program was offered to our students.  This platform had to be conducive exactly to coagulate with the spiritual careers of our students and alumni.  Today we have successfully designed and developed an almost "error-free and time effective" platform giving our students access to the success of this system.