Today in modern society there is a true necessity to have a crystal clear perception of Jesus Christ.  For the last 50 years we have been entering into a major prophetic generation paradigm shift that is changing humanity's perception of Jesus!  So many have desired a true visitation from his impeccable and immaculate Spirit and nature.  The Bible boldly declares that those who look for him shall he appear a second time without sin unto true "soteria" salvation.  Well, today is the day of salvation, visitation and true habitation of the Spirit where Jesus will make his abode in us!  Since the beginning of time this most prophetic book on Earth has foretold his coming and present eternal existence in the midst of humanity.  You and I on the right side of the cross must admit that this is true reality today and prophecy that has been fulfilled!  At The College of Sonship, Jesus shall be presented in his rightful place in the midst of mankind.  

So often the perceptions of Jesus have been misunderstood by traditional views and belief systems.  Emphatically speaking once again, "God is shifting everything!"  We are currently in a restoration of fresh revelation concerning his everlasting life and mantle in all the universe.  The true author and finisher of our faith, Jesus is correctly heralded through The College of Sonship International as the true spiritual leader and prodigy of the Universe that he is!  Our perception of him must totally change if we are going to accomplish what he has given us to do on planet Earth.  He has become more of a reality and personal divine revelation than just a figure, type or shadow!  This has come in the form of multiple visitations putting more emphasis on his nature rather than what he looks like!  Being permitted to have these face to face encounters with Jesus has motivated our curriculum to be designed the way that it is.  The authentic and revolutionary view of his nature has afforded us throne room rights to convey this subject more clearly and without distortion.  Here at The College of Sonship International, we want you to fall freshly in love with Jesus Christ.  Therefore, Jesus Christ is the entire reason this college was formed to motivate many world wide to truly establish his covenant, even as it is this day!