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Accountability & Educational Certification History

For the last 20 years The College of Sonship (COS) since 1998 has cooperated with and been a paid membered institution of The Association of Christian Educators and Administrators (ACEA).  During this time the organization transitioned through the initial vision of its founder, Dr. C. Peter Wagner who initially founded The Apostolic Council of Educational Accountability.  Initially COS sought cooperation with the apostolic nature of Dr. Wagner’s mantle along with his educational foresight and myriad of educational and ministerial experience and leadership.  This was our outlook up until the ACEA conference of 2013, which was Dr. Wagner’s last conference before his passing.  During this conference, our current chancellor’s wife (Mrs. Elissa Kealia Naeole-Ford) presented a Hawaiian Spiritual Hula dance ensemble to Dr. Wagner in his honor.  After this conference our chancellor and his wife agreed that this was a crowning moment and point of COS’ tenure and time at ACEA.

ACEA is a network of Christian educators and Christian training programs & schools. They exist to provide both credibility through accountability or credibility through association. This gave us the opportunity of  developing Christ-honoring relationships, sharing expertise and resources through forums, panel discussions, and plenary lectures by such world renown speakers as Dr. C. Peter Wagner & Dr. Larry Krieder.

Membership benefits with ACEA are networking with other educational professionals who seek to grow their training programs & schools in order to impact the world for Christ. Members also benefit by having a new way to build credibility & accountability outside of traditional accrediting organizations. This is a network of diverse seasoned educators from Universities, Colleges, Ministry Schools and Training Centers from around the world.  Over the past 10 to 15 years our current chancellor has attended the yearly events of ACEA and received certification.

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COS today seeks to launch its own apostolic and prophetic council of accountability allowing apostolic and prophetic ministries to benefit from our mantle. The costs associated with this council will be absolutely “FREE” and our mission is as follows:

“To establish a council that constitutes the apostolic and prophetic mantle of Jesus Christ through SONSHIP among humanity. To allow existing ministries as well as establish ministries throughout the world to join us that will adhere to the partnership and general instruction of this council. To further Dr. C. Peter Wagner’s ideology and spiritual concept of “accountability without control. This will give any spiritual organization worldwide, the opportunity to share its vision and have genuine liberty in their curriculum”.

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