About Us

Teaching the Relevance of Christ in a Modern Generation

Embark on an extraordinary journey of personal and spiritual transformation at The College of Sonship International. Discover the remarkable possibilities that await you, as we invite you to witness the profound impact a few years in our esteemed institution can have on your life.
Prepare to be captivated by our cutting-edge educational model, which embraces the essence of present truth and a Christ-Centered ideology. In a world propelled by advancement and sophistication, the joy of learning from a truly relevant and uniquely designed curriculum is an experience like no other.
At The College of Sonship, we are committed to nurturing your growth in both grace and knowledge, with a special focus on our Lord Jesus Christ. Uniting with Him is not just a vital aspect of human existence, but the key to unlocking your ultimate purpose as a child of God. By immersing yourself in this profound understanding, your life will be enriched, and you will embark on a journey that leads to the fulfillment of true Sonship.
Join us today and open the door to eternal blessings that transcend time itself. By becoming part of our community, you will align yourself with a divine purpose that pleases the higher realms, resonating with resounding approval and magnificence. Your participation in this extraordinary endeavor will shape not only your own destiny but also contribute to the magnificent tapestry of humanity as a whole.
Seize this opportunity and embark on a path that will bring eternal fulfillment. Join us at The College of Sonship International, where your life's journey takes on a transcendent significance.