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Spiritual and Economical Education

Spiritual and Economical Education

Spiritual Education

Spiritual Education at The College of Sonship International is a transformative journey …
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Sonship Economical Systems

Ignite a revolution in the spiritual landscape of modern society with the groundbreaking …
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Empowering Individuals

Degree Concentrations

We offer degree concentrations that explore the profound concept of the "Law of The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus." These concentrations provide an exciting and transformative journey of spiritual breakthrough, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of this spiritual principle.

Apostolic Mission

The College of Sonship International is driven by an apostolic mission. It seeks to go beyond theoretical discussions and philosophical arguments, focusing instead on producing tangible results in students' lives. The college emphasizes practical application and real-life transformation rather than mere academic knowledge.

Economic Education

Recognizing the importance of economic literacy, the college also provides education and promotes awareness about the "missing left hand" of economics in society. Students are encouraged to understand and engage with economic principles that align with spiritual values, offering a holistic approach to personal and societal prosperity.

Free Education

We take pride in being a "totally free" spiritual educational institution. It offers its services without financial burden, enabling students to access valuable spiritual and educational resources at no cost.

Educational Accountability

The College of Sonship International is educationally accountable to The Association of Christian Educators and Administrators (ACEA), ensuring that it maintains high educational standards and practices.

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